Creole Fried Chicken

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!! For my very first recipe of the new year: Creole Fried Chicken. Why? Because a few weeks ago, I bought the Tramontina Dutch Oven recommended by ATK because this recipe looked so good. Yes, $40 for fried chicken. But Chris assured me that the fat content of chicken at home was half as much as the fast food chicken. And if you can’t trust Chris Kimball, who can you trust.

The recipe is here.

Recipe Rating: 5-star
Cost: $8. Resulting in 5 pounds of fried chicken.
How much work? Low
How big of a mess?  Medium. Worst part is cleaning up the oil.
Start time 4pm. Dinner time 7pm. Most of that was brining.


  1. I’m cheap. Even though I just spent $40 for a pot to make a batch of fried chicken, I couldn’t bring myself to spend the extra $5 for celery salt. So I substituted 1 tablespoon of regular salt.
  2. And Chris told me that the temperature had to be right or too much oil would soak into the chicken. So instead I spent the $5 for celery salt on an old-fashioned Candy Thermometer.  When I got home: the thermometer was broken right out of the package. Oh well. I’ve been frying for years without a thermometer, a couple more weeks won’t kill my arteries.
  3. Also 3 quarts of oil wasn’t enough to cover my big, fat chicken breasts. I had to use the whole gallon! Oh, and peanut oil, I wish, how can I ever justify a gallon of peanut oil.  No, there’s only the $4/gallon vegetable oil. OK, I guess I can’t make it too often.

1 new recipe down, 99 to go.

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