Pepperoni Pan Pizza

January 3, 2010

Obviously pizza is one of the boy’s favorites, though Matthew wants his without Pepperoni.

Lesson Learned: The recipe calls for the dough to rise in a warmed (but off) oven, and I usually forget to preheat the oven. Today I put the dough into the oven while the gas was still on. So the plastic wrap covering the bowl broke, and the surface of the dough dried out and formed an unpleasant crust.  It wasn’t so bad in the final pizza, but made rolling the pizza crusts a nightmare. Next time I forget to preheat, I’ll only preheat to 175 degrees and double-check the plastic wrap after a few minutes.

Recipe is here.

Recipe Rating: 5-star. One of the kids favorites.
Cost: $2.50 for two 9-inch pizzas. (Mozzarella was on sale for $1/lb)
How much work? Low
How big of a mess?  Low.
Start time 4:45pm. Dinner time 6:30pm. Including 45 minutes of rising time for dough.

The recipe yields two pizzas. Definitely not greasy. I use low-fat mozzarella and pre-microwave the pepperoni between paper towels for 30 seconds.


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