Easier French Fries

January 19, 2010

OK, making french fries twice in one week means only one thing: I was too lazy to put the oil away last Thursday.

So what makes them “easier”? I start cooking the fries in room temperature oil (i.e. no preheating). This gives the potato interior an opportunity to soften and cook through before the exterior started to crisp. Sure, easier I thought, but I would never trade ease for oil-soaked fries. Chris assures me that this cold-start method produces fries that contain about 1/3 less oil than the conventional method. Recipe is here.

BTW, I first made these fries in December, so these don’t count towards my goal of 100 “new recipe”.  This time I used Russets (against ATK’s recommendation) because I really didn’t like the increased sweetness of the Yukon Golds.

Rating: 4-star. (using russets)
Cost: $1 for 2-1/2 pounds for fries.
How much work? Almost none.
How big of a mess?  Small. ( I used an inverted colander for splatter control)
Start time 4:00 PM. Snack time 4:30pm

The easiest French Fries you'll ever make. No more work than slicing potatoes.


Shrimp Salad

January 19, 2010

To avoid the problem of rubbery shrimp, start the shrimp in cold water and gently heat until the water reaches 165 degrees. Only a 1/4 cup mayonnaise was just right, but I used too much celery. My “one stalk celery” yielded  (1/2 cup) instead of the designated 1/3 cup. Chris was right.

Maybe I was hungry from snowboarding, or maybe there just is never enough shrimp. But Chris was very wrong when he said that it serves 6. It only serves 2!

Rating: 4-star.
Cost: $11 for 1-1/4 pounds of Shrimp Salad.
How much work? Medium.
How big of a mess?  Medium.
Start time 5:10 PM. Dinner time 6:10pm

I served it one bread, but eaten plain is just as good.

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