Buffalo Wings

January 21, 2010

I eat buffalo wings every week. I wouldn’t call myself a connoisseur, just a huge consumer. Mostly as the $4.50 Happy Hour special at TGI Fridays, but I also regularly make them at home when Chicken Wings go on sale.  My own recipe bakes the wings rather than deep fries them. Certainly, I bake to make them healthier not to improve the taste.  Chris deep fries them, and (this week) so did I. Recipe is here.

The results were amazing; simply the best buffalo wings I’ve ever had. The dusting of corn starch fried up with a perfect texture. The sauce was spicy and rich. No need to “fake the richness” by adding Worcestershire sauce as I need to do with my own recipe. Absolute perfection.

Rating: 4-star. The best wings I’ve ever had.
Cost: $5 for 20 wings.
How much work? Medium.
How big of a mess?  A Big Mess, with oil splattering everywhere.
Start time 6:00 PM. Dinner time 7:00pm

The best buffalo wings I've ever had.

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