Beef Strogonoff

Last Sunday’s Stuffed Beef Tenderloin only used the center cut of the $33 sale-priced tenderloin.  Today, I am left with the question of how to use remaining parts of the tenderloin.

Answer:  Cut it up into cubes and make Beef Strogonoff. I pound the beef to make even more tender, then brown the beef in a skillet, and deglaze the pan from the moisture as I saute the onions and mushrooms. After adding the broth and letting the meat finish cooking, I add the egg noodles directly in with the meat.  Off heat I mix in some sour cream and a lemon juice. The Result: A delicious easy to make dinner (though it does take 90-minutes to 2-hours). Not nearly as “special” as the Stuffed Tenderloin, but perfect for a weekday meal. The complete recipe is here.


  1. First, saying that this meal costs $18 to make is a little misleading, because I already had the “scraps” from Sunday’s meal. I wouldn’t buy beef tenderloin just for this recipe. I’d spend the $15 of something else. (or substitute another cut)
  2. Even though I’m using tenderloin, it was a little tough after simmering in the broth for 30 minutes.  I find that using a meat pounder to tenderize the beef really helps the final texture.

Rating: 4-star.
Cost: $18. Serves 6.
How much work? Low/Medium.
How big of a mess?  Low/Medium.
Start time 4:30 PM. Dinner time 6:15 PM.

BTW, this reeipe is a year or two old, so these don’t count towards my goal of 100 “new recipe”.

Egg noodles are cooked right in the covered skillet with the sauce.

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  1. […] 4-1/2-star. Great balanced flavor. My 9-year-old son said that it was reminiscent of Beef Strogonoff that I made in February. Checking back, he was exactly right; both are made of sauteed mushrooms and onions in a source […]

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