Rustic Dinner Rolls: Take 2

April 15, 2010

Today I tried to re-make the Rustic Dinner Rolls from last week, trying to correct my failure to adjust for using active dry yeast.  Also, I was better organized and was able to cut the preparation time down to 3-1/2 hours.

I’m still making mistakes, but they are still 5-star.


  1. This time I dissolved the yeast in 115 degree water and honey, and waited 10 minutes to see the bubbling action (carbon dioxide being released from yeast multiplication).
  2. I let the rising occur in a warm (but turned off) oven.
  3. The dough was able to double in size, where the last time I made them they only increased by perhaps 50%.
  4. The dough was much wetter this time, I added a few extra tablespoons of bread flour to compensate. Unfortunately, I added the extra flour too early in the kneading. I should have waited to the end, but was afraid that I’d end up over-kneading.
  5. The final rolls were about the same size (i.e. same rise). This time the rising was much more consistent throughout the 3 hours rising time, whereas the last time most of the rising occurred in the final 30 minutes (sitting on-top of the hot oven).


  1. When spraying the rolls with water just prior to putting them into the 500-degree oven, I sprayed too heavily. The results: an even, but bland, crust  rather than bubbly crust I was hoping for.
  2. Also, I forgot to lower the oven from 500-degrees to 400-degrees, so they were a little overcooked. Still delicious; affecting more the texture than the taste.

Rating: 5-star.
Cost: $1 for 16 rolls.
How much work? Low/Medium.
How big of a mess?  Low/Medium.
Started: 2:30 pm Ready:  6:00.

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