Philly Cheesesteaks

Growing up along the California coast, I didn’t even know what a Cheese Steak was until I was 30-years-old. An East Coast Friend took me to the mediocre Buster’s Cheese Steaks in San Francisco. It wasn’t until years later (after blowing my expense account the night before on Filet Mignon), that I tried another Cheese Steak. But this time on the East Coast (Philadelphia Cheesesteak Factory in Georgetown); it was the real thing. Delicious.

Almost a good as a trip to Philly.

This version uses provolone, and sirloin tips pounded almost paper thin.  The recipe will only work if you have a very good meat pounder, such as this Norpro. Without such a good meat pounder I would never have had the patience to get the meat so thin.  The result: 3-1/2 stars. Not as good as a trip to Philadelphia (or even DC), but close enough to enjoy.


  1. 8 thin slices of provolone was a little light. Next time I’d use at least 10 slices. (about 1/4-lb)
  2. The first sandwich came out perfect, but I didn’t realize that the pan cooled so much so that the second needed more time to reheat the pan. Result, the meat didn’t brown. Next time I’ll let the pan heat up from at least 2 to 3 minutes before making the second.
  3. I ended up spending $10 instead of $8, because my regular supermarket ran out of Sirloin Tips, and I bought everything at A&P (more $$$). But the extra money I spent on rolls was worth it.

Rating: 3-1/2 star.
Cost: $10 for 4 hefty sandwiches.
How much work? Low/Medium.
How big of a mess?  Low/Medium.
Started: 6:00 pm. Dessert Time:  7:00.

6 Responses to Philly Cheesesteaks

  1. Confucius says:

    Was Philadelphia Cheesesteak Factory in Georgetown were you took me some eons ago?

    I still remember those cheesesteaks… delicious!

    Confucius, the Confused Chinese ^_^

  2. Confucius says:

    I meant “where”.

    Confused ^_^

  3. Yes sir, the very same. That was such a funny trip. “Lidia, una nueva adivinanza!!”

  4. […] April I attempted to make a Philadelphia Cheese Steak following Chris Kimball’s recipe, but could only manage 3-1/2 stars. Today I had a 4-1/2 star […]

  5. Anonymous says:

    that cheesesteak looks wrong, you need cheezwhiz and the meat isnt pounded its sliced thin (just get sukiyaki style ribeye from the asian grocery store if you don’t slice your own)

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