Sloppy Joes

June 9, 2010

First a confession: I suffered “culinary abuse” as a child. One (of the most inconsequential) effects was that I used to think Sloppy Joes were made by just adding ketchup to ground beef. While they certainly are just a “kid’s” recipe, it doesn’t mean that shouldn’t be at least a little interesting. Cook’s Country has a good recipe.

Dinner in a flash for these busiest of days.

My second confession is that between the kid’s school, soccer, tennis  and planning/reserving for my up-coming summer vacation to Guatemala, I have been getting home at 8 or 9pm. Simply too late to cook, and it is times like these that I worry that my two sons may remember Sloppy Joes as the lowliest meal I made for them.

Overall, these are great Sloppy Joes; the boys gave them 4-stars.  But I miss cooking real food. Tonight it supposed to be rainy, so my fingers are crossed hoping that the rain will clear my schedule and I can get back to cooking.

Rating: 4 stars for kids.
Cost: $3.
How much work? Low.
How big of a mess?  Low.
Start time 7:30 PM. Dinner time 8:00 PM.

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