Antigua Guatemala

The Arch with the Agua Volcano in the background

Antigua is my favorite city in all the Americas; a spectacularly beautiful colonial city founded in 1543. Surrounded by four volcanoes Antigua was mostly destroyed by earthquakes, principally in 1717 and 1763. The ruins, which are still scattered throughout the city, serve as a constant reminder of the city’s mysterious and mostly forgotten history.

One of dozens of ruins of churches scattered throughout the city.

Some of my happiest days ever have been spent just for sitting in the main square, eating corn-on-the-cob, playing chess, and saying “no gracias” for the 100th time as the descendants of the Maya offer to shine my shoes, or sell me trinkets for a “good price”.

Boys and Fountain in Plaza Mayor

Elote. Grilled corn on the cob with lemon and salt. Despite the absolute simplicity of this recipe, it is impossible to make here in the US; sweet Corn just doesn’t work. The corn they feed to cows (not generally sold to the public) is what you need.  But still the yellow lemons you can buy here are not strong enough. The Sea Salt is the only ingredient that can be purchased in US.

My favorite food in Guatemala costs as little as 12 cents, but this beautiful ear cost me 75 cents.

Brownies. Despite my deep love of Chocolate, I have not made a brownie even once over the past 15 years. The reason, the worlds best brownies were already invented and were only a $500 flight away in Antigua, Guatemala. I will make a separate post regarding the current state of brownie affairs in Antigua.

A modern version of what used to be the world's best brownie.

While I have never considered Guatemalan food to be spectacular, we didn’t starve by any stretch of the imagination.

Beef, Chicken and two kinds of dinner sausages.

And Finally, here are a few more scenes from around Antigua.

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  1. […] so too is my love of brownies. In 1995 and 1996, I ate the worlds best brownies in Antigua Guatemala.  And as the years have passed, I have never made brownies since; not once.  Not because I […]

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