Tikal Guatemala

July 9, 2010

Early morning from the top of a pyramid

On my list of top five places I want to take my two sons, the boys felt like explorers walking through the jungle, climbing pyramids and watching the wildlife.  It is a 9-hour non-stop bus ride from Guatemala City. Fortunately, the overnight bus had a “semi-bed”, so the boys spent the trip sleeping. Unfortunately, our bus arrived at the exact moment when Hurricane Alex, then a tropical storm, was passing overhead. So we spent the rainy day in Flores, a small tourist-filled island in a large lake, watching World Cup and enjoying the air-conditioning.

Nico was especially excited about the trip to Tikal.

As you might expect, the food in the jungle wasn’t extravagant, but tasted extra good after a tiring day of scampering on the ruins.

Typical Guatamalan beef steak dinner

The boys had beef ravioli, but could only eat about half the huge plate.

Here are a few additional pictures of our time in Tikal.

Small temple in the "Lost World" portion of Tikal.

View looking into the "Gran Plaza"

Tikal is literally carved out of the jungle, which makes it much more adventurous.

The stairs are small and steep.

Every mound has something buried beneath; there is still so much more of Tikal to be uncovered.

Large, partially uncovered temple in the "Lost World" section.

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