Tobacco Key, Belize

July 10, 2010

Relaxing in our cabin on Tobacco Key.

Because Guatemala doesn’t have any snorkeling, we took a side trip to Belize so that Nico could try snorkeling for the first time directly from the beach. Nico was successful, and was amazed at wonderful views just below the water’s surface.  The 45-minute boat ride to Tobacco Key leaves from Dangriga, and is thankfully entirely in waters protected by the barrier reef.

Matthew holding a baraccuda (that someone else caught)

While we didn’t eat barracuda, I did have fish every night while in Belize. Three red snappers and one “Jack Fish”, whatever that is. Sorry no pictures.

A few more pictures of our tiny island.

One of two things to do, (1) snorkel and (2) relax.

Sunset brought a strong breeze, perfect for relaxing on the dock with a cold beer.

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