How to Save Your Pumpkins

October 22, 2010

While growing up in California I used to think that squirrels were cute. But now that I am living in the Northeast they have become my greatest enemy (and I know that I am not alone). They dig hundreds of holes in my lawn, they destroy my tulips in the spring (for no apparent reason), they have even chewed a hole in my home’s rooftop. This time of year, they have their beady little eyes firmly fixated on the pumpkins sitting by my front door.

Save your pumpkins before its too late.

To prevent the squirrels from laying waste to my $35 worth of pumpkins, I applied a layer of dish soap over the entire surface of the pumpkin. Just use your regular dish sponge and try to leave a relatively thick layer. I will re-apply once a week or after a rain. It’s the same principle as washing your mouth out with soap. That, and I will also cross my fingers.

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