Stuck for a week in Paris, France.

Yes, I know; it could be worse. My parents who were traveling in France, both ended up in the hospital for different reasons. So I am here for a week taking care of them. The only caveat is that I cannot leave “Rue Clar” for more than an hour at a time. So mostly I am enjoying the French restaurants and buying some delicious treats for the local shops. I have tried a few places for morning croissants, and also am envious of Parisians who can buy a delicious baguette for just 1 euro.

Enjoying the sights and foods of Paris

After some initial technical problems, I will try to post photos of the foods of Paris as often as I can.  Check back over the next few days.

Lunch in a random cafe in Paris. My parents are standing.

Below is a gallery of some of the sights I was able to see (click on image to enlarge).

Au revoir for now

3 Responses to Stuck for a week in Paris, France.

  1. lorri says:

    Stuck in Paris? Could be worse – LOL. Make it memorable! Seek out the farmers markets if possible….if any are close. I understand you can’t travel too far from home base.

  2. Drew Malpede says:

    Hope your parents are OK! So you only have an hour to run out and find the best food you can?! LOL, that sounds like a new reality show.

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