Breakfast at Cafe Central on Rue Cler

I had breakfast of croissants and cafe au lait with my mother at Cafe Central on Rue Cler. The coffee is the best I’ve have so far in France, but it’s double the price of the cafe across the street. US$7 for a cup of a cafe au lait (coffee with milk). It’s probably too expensive to return, but excellent quality comes sometimes comes at a price.

Simple breakfast of croissants and coffee with milk.

On the other hand, the croissants were acceptable, but there were better ones just 1 block away. Unfortunately, French bakeries do no sell coffee or have tables to sit. So I had no choice but to eat these delicious (but second best croissants). The delicious coffee being my primary solace.

Having breakfast with my mother in a Parisian Cafe

While you must pay for your ambiance, the best croissants were a block away at this Boulognerie . The croissants were lighter and the crust was just right. Tomorrow I will drink my coffee at the cafe, and eat my croissants while strolling.

If you don't mind walking while you eat, this bakery has best croissants so far.

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