Still without Power after Hurricane Irene

It’s been three days since the hurricane has come and gone and there is still no hint that my electric company is working to fix my power outage. Fortunately my next door neighbor does have power and offered to let me run an extension cord to their house, so we have light in the nighttime, can watch DVDs and the boys can play Wii.  Really, the only thing we don’t have is refrigeration, dish washer, laundry and internet. We are pretty lucky.

Three small problems hampered this otherwise great loaf

The Saturday before the storm I baked this loaf of cinnamon swirl bread (the super markets were sold out of bread). There were a few small problems that can be easily fixed. My son called this the best bread I’ve ever baked. I will post the recipe together with the adjustments when I finally get power.   The electric company is now predicting September 3rd.


2 Responses to Still without Power after Hurricane Irene

  1. Ryan says:

    Sorry to hear that guy, my parents house is in Delaware 2 miles inland from Fenwick Island. Wherebouts are y’all?

    • I am in the very northern extremes of New Jersey, about a mile for the NY state border. The many rivers that crisscross this region all overflowed their banks. To make matters worse a dam burst a few miles upriver.

      Fortunately for me, I am only without power, and even then still I have some of my neighbors power. I consider myself very fortunate.

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