Sea World and Universal Studios

It’s been more than 10 days since I’ve had a home cooked meal, so I’m looking forward to getting back into the kitchen.  Here are a few pictures from my half-work, half-mini-vacation to Florida.


  1. Sea World has en extremely family-unfriendly policy of refusing to allow you to bring lunch into the park, nor do they have lockers outside the park so that I could store them until lunch time. They inspected my backpack and made me throw away six perfectly delicious sandwiches. Such a blatant money-grab is a real bummer. They aren’t content with the $300/day in entrance fees, they have to squeeze the last $50 out in fast food.


3 Responses to Sea World and Universal Studios

  1. Valerie Munson says:

    I can relate. I’m curious. Were there any healthy/tasty choices?
    Our nearby park offers free water refills after you buy a $10+ refillable soda container. I was happy to see that the cup was made out of a more earth friendly material- I think corn based.

    • Hi Val,

      You’d think they sell a nice fish platter, right? They did let us bring water bottles in, and “snacks”, but they were very deliberate in no allowing enough to avoid buying food. About the healthiest thing I was was pizza, but our mobility was limited due to rain (a total of 6″ throughout the day).


      • Valerie Munson says:

        Wow 6″ of rain. Yikes. Like the photos from Disney.
        Looking forward to hearing about the first home cooked meal upon your return. We went to NYC and enjoyed all kinds of yummy NY food over the weekend. Ukrainian borscht at Stage Restaurant on Second Avenue was my favorite!

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