What a Disaster

It’s been 5 days since the storm knocked out my power. August’s record rainfall left our giant 150-year-old maple tree full of leaves, and the wet, heavy snow brought down more than 50% of it’s canopy. I don’t know if it can survive.

You can't really tell the enormity from this angle. But this one branch is larger than most trees. A lot of work to clean up.

The Orange & Rockland Electric Company is completely incompetent. It’s been 5 days and I haven’t seen a single repair truck from the power company in my town since the storm.  Also, I used their website to report my outage, and when I check the status they have “cleared” the outage online; but without actually fixing anything. Once might be a misunderstanding, but they have “cleared” my outage 3 times and still no power. It seems hopeless.

Below if a picture of the meal I made right after the blackout hit; a little bit of everything from my fridge; chicken, leeks, mushrooms, bell pepper, even salami. I deglazed the pan with some red wine and thicken into a nice sauce with corn starch.  I haven’t been able to eat anything decent since; because I’ve been too busy with cleanup and the extra work of living without electricity.

Using up everything in the fridge

One more picture to demonstrate the untimeliness of the storm; my summer flowers were still in bloom.

Summer flowers still in bloom

4 Responses to What a Disaster

  1. lorri says:

    What a shame about the tree. And 5+ days without electricity – Ugh! I know parts of CT are finally getting power restored. I have a friend there who is still w/o power like you. I hope they get it back on TODAY for you both.

  2. thanks…but I’ve given up all hope. Not only is the main grid in this part of town out, but the individual transformer that services my group of 10 houses is out. Then, I have to wait until they re-connect the individual line to my house. It’s hopeless.

    • Hi Lorri, actually you were exactly right! I got home from the internet cafe and found 20 men working behind my house fixing all the problems at once. So the power is back, and I can now use my chain saw. Another week and things should be completely back to normal.

      • Lorri says:

        Yay! Good update! I have a friend who lives in CT and also out of power for several days, and her power was turned back on yesterday (thurs) and i was hoping the same for you. Just in time for the weekend; lots of work to get the house / yard back in order I am sure –

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