Storm Cleanup Continues

After weeks of hard work, most of the tree branch has been removed and hauled to the front of my house. The city hasn’t yet hauled them away, and all my neighbors are adding their seasonal leaves. My street is nearly impassible. So I decided to take a mini-break to give the city a chance to catch up, or at least that’s the reason I’m telling myself why I’m not working this weekend. Instead I will spend this weekend cooking. After all, Man cannot live on fried chicken alone. So, stay tuned for a few highly anticipated recipes over the first part of this week.

By the way, I’ve resigned myself that there no chance that I’ll reach my goal of 100 recipes for 2011. My break in January, trips to France and Florida, and the double whammy of Hurricane Irene and the freak October snowstorm have put me irrecoverably off the pace.

Click on the pictures to zoom. The website is displaying the gallery with tiny images.

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