Trip to a local bakery

March 19, 2012

A friend recently introduced me to a large bakery (really almost a factory) about 15 minutes from my house. I took my boys there over the weekend to buy bagels and also two kinds of bread for a “Spring Party”. The boys were especially amazed by the bagel machine spitting out bagels a few hundred per minute. With the bagels having been baked just minutes before, they were amazing.

Fresh bagels by the hundreds, and only 45-cents.

The bakery had more than 50 types of bread to choose from. I tried to pick loaves that were still warm. I bought a wonderful round loaf on Italian Panella, which was beautiful and tasted great. However I also needed a French baguette for some onion soup, but the loaf turned out to not be very genuine. The crumb was not at all light or airy; its crumb was more like sandwich bread than baguette.

The trip was fun, and since I was cooking dinner for 20 people, it was a nice alternative to baking.

Matt checking out the vast variety of bread.

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