American Museum of Natural History

April 6, 2012

Because my two sons are on spring break, I took a day off from work to take them into the Big Apple to visit one of their favorite places; the Museum of Natural History.  We spent the entire day from 10AM to 5:30PM admiring its many wondrous exhibits: from Dinosaurs skeletons, to a meteorite the side of a small car, to the history of the universe from the big bang, to a full-size Blue Whale, and new and detailed side-by-side comparisons of homo ergaster, homo erectus, homo neanderthalensis and Homo sapiens.

Matt and Nico admiring Saturn.

I had packed a nice lunch (I will post the Picnic Chicken recipe on Monday) with the intention of having a picnic in Central Park, but ended up parking 20 blocks away. So we picnicked on sandwiches from a nearby deli and enjoyed the beautiful day.  On the way back to the museum, I noticed people with food from the “Shake Shack“, which was featured on a 2010 episode of America’s Test Kitchen. We followed the distinctive milkshakes back to the corner of 77th and Columbus; there is stood. Oh well, we’ll know for our next visit to New York City’s upper west side. In 2010, I did make the 5-star Best Old-Fashioned Burgers that were based on those available at Shake Shack.

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