Old San Juan

August 26, 2012

Originally, I had huge plans of a trip combining a week in central Europe with 10 days in South Africa for this month. But life has sent me in unexpected directions. So I simply intend to enjoy the blessings that life has offered, instead of worrying about all the things that might have been. My “lemonade” is 11 days in Puerto Rico, and it turns out that  this “consolation prize” turns out to be filled with just as many spectacular experiences as my other ports-of-call that require a passport. Even hurricane Issac was accommodating as it bent a little to our south leaving the island largely unaffected. I do wish my cell phone didn’t work, though, so I would feel like I am further from my daily life back home. Even my frequent shopper card at CVS works.

Old city wall

The boys trying to get into the old city.

Main entrance to Castillo de San Felipe.

Typical colonial architecture

More colonial houses

Houses along a main square

Near the old main gate leading into the city

Part of Castillo de San Felipe.

The cities origins go back to the 1500’s.

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