Cueva Ventana, Puerto Rico

Most caves I have visited have cement walkways, electric mood lights, and a ticket booth for your guided tour. These caves were exciting because they are completely wild, and thankfully not ruined by vandals. Bats were flying everywhere, and our tiny flashlight barely lit the way. Then after wandering for a while we followed the light to an amazing view of the valley below.

The cave gets it’s name “Window cave” for this view

Not typical stalactites and stalagmites, but felt very wild

Bats were flying everywhere. I’m glad they have radar.

Main entrance to “Window Cave”

There is also a “secret” side entrance through the tree roots.

Careful, there’s nothing preventing us from going off the cliff

This is my last Puerto Rico post. After all this is supposed to be a food blog, right. But for those who know me personally, travel has always been a huge part of my life. Man cannot live by cooking alone. So here are a few final photos from other places we visited. Ponce, is the southern part of the island, is a beautiful colonial city. Obviously a few hundred years newer than San Juan because of the different style of colonial architecture.

Our hotel on the main square

Typical Ponce architecture of the city center

From Ponce we went to the north of the island and stayed in a small, but picturesque little beach town. It was perfect for relaxing, but the surf was a little wild for my two sons. We went to nearby Playa Jobos to swim.

View from our hotel room in Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

Surf on the north of the island is a little bigger

Picture-perfect location

Nearby was the famous Arecibo Observatory. It uses radar imagery to create detailed images of objects within our solar system. The observatory has been in a few famous movies.

Largest radar observatory in the world

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