US Open in Queens, NYC

September 9, 2012

I swear this is still a food blog. But along with food and travel, another of my priorities is tennis. Once a year one of the world’s greatest tennis tournament happens just 30 miles from my front door. This year I went to the men’s and woman’s quarterfinal with my oldest son, who is also my tennis partner. While it’s always exciting to see a live sporting event, this world-class venue is beautiful, and with so many tennis-lovers in one place the air is filled with electricity. We saw Andy Roddick’s last match before retirement, who faded after the first set and was soundly defeated by Juan Martin Del Potro. While I wore the Argentine National shirt, a was still rooting for the American. We also saw Sharapova come back to defeat Bartoli. We also watched Murry play the Serbian Cilic (the C’s are pronounced as Ch’s).

Andy Roddick’s last serve before retirement

Retirement interview

A small army of these little cars prepares the courts for play in 45 minutes.

Pre-match instructions to Sharapova and Bartoli

Maria Sharapova serving

The famous symbol of the US Open

Andy Murry ready to receive a serve

Cilic won the first set, but couldn’t hold on

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