How to Prevent Squirrels from Eating Your Pumpkins

October 27, 2012

I love living in the old part of town, with its mature trees and half acre lots. I have a 150-year-old maple in my back yard and a 60-foot oak in the front-yard. Of course nothing is every perfect, and the drawback of living in this park-like setting are my constant battles with squirrels. They have become my arch-nemesis. They dig thousand of holes in my lawn, hiding acorns from my oak tree. Later, they dig thousands more holes looking for their buried treasure, and can never seem to remember where they hid the acorns, so they just keep digging. They’ve even dug holes in my roof thinking there might be hidden acorns. As Halloween approaches and my $35 worth of pumpkins sit vulnerably outside, I wanted to share my 100% effective tactic in my never-ending battle against my tireless enemy.

It’s been outside a week, and not even a nibble.

Thickly apply a layer of dish soap over the entire surface of the pumpkin. Use your regular dish sponge and wipe a thick layer of soap over every square-inch. Re-apply once a week or after a rain. It’s the same principle as washing your mouth out with soap. It’s guaranteed to work.

Of course, speaking of rain I am right in the path of another pre-Halloween storm. Here is a bit of the disaster I faced last year; here and here; but the big difference this year is that I have a small generator. So my fingers still are crossed, but also I am better prepared.

This white pumpkin will make a great skull.

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