The Romantic Road, Germany

With only a few days in Germany, we only had time to visit a few towns along the romantic road. My favorite town along the road that we visited was Rothenburg ob der Tauber, which was exceptionally picturesque. By the way, following the signs that say “Romantische Straße” is the surest way to get lost. Fortunately, we were only visiting a few of the major towns so we only got lost once or twice (there always seems to be a detour).

We also visited Dinklebuhl, which was a charming, well-maintained, walled town. It is small and very cute.

And finally we visiting Nordlingen. It was the smallest of the three towns we visited. While it was nice, it was undergoing a lot of re-construction so our visit was relatively brief.

We ate a typical German meal, but I forgot to take a picture (I was famished, haha).

5 Responses to The Romantic Road, Germany

  1. Sonya says:

    Great photos!

  2. I am vicariously traveling with you. I always wanted to travel after a visit to Greece in my teens, but alas I never did. SO may I ask that you raise a glass to a friendly follower in the shadows? My name is Jennifer and I would really love it if you would toast an empty chair for me. lol Looks just beautiful! PROST!!

    • Lol. OK, but my travels are further along than my pictures. It’ll have to be Nazdravi (I’m in Prague).

      • rhijulbec1 says:

        It’s all good. Doesn’t matter where you are…I haven’t been there! lol. A quick sip of your spirit of choice and a muttered Nazdravi will be most definitely welcome. Thank you for sharing your travels. I like them as much as your cooking. Keep doing what you do cause you do it well.

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