Strasbourg, France

My uncommon last name has always been difficult for people to pronounce. It’s hard to understand its origin in order to apply the proper linguistic rules. It comes from this region that switches back and forth between France and Germany, depending upon who won the last war. Finally after hundreds of years, my family name returns; if only for two days. Old town Strasbourg is charming and decidedly German.

However, the slightly newer areas have a feel and ambiance of Paris. It wasn’t until later in the day that we realized that we dressed as the French flag.

Of the sights to see, Strasbourg has an amazing cathedral. It is in the top 10 worldwide list of tallest cathedrals. It was so immense that it was not possible to take a complete photo, and my lens was zoomed out so far (to 18mm) that the curvature prevented me from making a collage.

Finally, we ate a traditional French dinner of. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture before we ate. Another highlight was the amazing French cheese we bought. While not as elaborate as a Parisian Fromagerie, it greatly surpasses even the finest cheese shop back home in New York. Just a common unpasteurized goats cheese is better than the finest cheese I have every bought in the US.

6 Responses to Strasbourg, France

  1. Kenneth Kopsco says:

    I enjoy your site very much!

    Ken Kopsco Newtown, CT

  2. What is your uncommon last name? My great-great grandmother, who died when I was 5, was from Strasbourg, though she spoke German. Her name was Bittl. I visited 2 years ago and loved it. Though is rained like crazy and driving was a nightmare.

  3. Nancy Evans says:

    Great blog! Love your recipe notes, and the travel photos are an excellent addition.

  4. Sonya says:

    So exciting to have such wonderful cheese. Must be nice to finally have your name pronounced correctly. Love the flag color coincidence!

  5. Ann Cromwell says:

    Thanks so much for your pictures and writing. I so want to return to Europe for a visit, but time and money prevent this. Bravo on doing this with your sons!

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